Incredible Moment A Herd Of 50 Elephants Walk Across A Highway In Thailand

A herd of adult and newborn wild elephants caused traffic to come to a halt on a major road in Thailand.

The family of more than 50 jumbos emerged from the jungle and stomped across the highway in Chachoengsao province on April 9. Spectacular footage shows how dozens of locals gathered on either side of the road to watch the placid creatures. Several police officers also arrived to ensure the elephants made it safely to the neighbouring area of jungle.

Pratya Chutipat Sakul, who filmed the clip, shared, “More than 50 wild elephants crossed the highway. They were moving together from one part of the jungle to the other.”

“The wildlife officers had been following the elephants for the last few days. When they saw that their path was moving towards the road, they called the police and urgently closed the road. Policemen arrived to ensure that the elephants crossed smoothly and there were no accidents.”

“Nobody minds waiting for the elephants, as the most important thing is that they’re safe. The elephants were all so calm and appeared to pay no attention to the humans. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have witnessed such a magnificent sight.”

A large matriarch elephant leads the herd across the road as she leisurely strolls across to the jungle on the other side. She is closely followed by the rest of the herd all in touching distance with babies in tow. One elephant briefly stops before carrying on as the whole heard clear the road in just under 40 seconds.

Similarly in Kasane, a herd of elephants was seen crossing the Kazangula highway. Thousands of elephants roam Chobe National Park in northern Botswana, a wildlife haven that’s home to one of the highest elephant concentrations in Africa. Right next to the vast park lies Kasane, a small town situated on the banks of the Chobe river.

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