Elephants Are Almost Invisible In Muddy Watering Hole

The mud bath became so filthy that an entire elephant vanished into the sludge.

A young bull was delighted to play and cool off in the scorching sun, so he completely covered himself from trunk to toe. He was having such a good time and rolled around so much that he almost became invisible, with just the whites of his eyes peering out from the sludge.

As the bull carried on enjoying himself at the Kumana Dam in the Kruger National Park, South Africa, a group of puzzled impala watched on.

The pictures were taken by safari company founder Cara Pring from Sydney, Australia. Cara, 32, said: “The dam was becoming very popular with elephants, impala, giraffes, and baboons coming to drink as a result of the severe drought.

“Unfortunately there wasn’t a lot of water left but that didn’t bother this one young elephant, who was having an awesome time enjoying all the mud.

“Lying down on his side he managed to completely cover himself in mud while some impala watched from the water’s edge. After amusing us for a while he finally managed to get himself up, with some difficulty, and headed off with a friend.

“My favourite shot is when he is lying down, completely covered in mud with impala watching in the background. He is just so completely covered in mud and he really looks like he’s in heaven.”

Cara is the founder of Ready Set Safari and runs tailor-made tours in southern Africa with her husband. She spends a lot of time traveling in Africa and claims she has previously been to every spot she organizes a safari.

Cara and her husband run tailor-made tours in southern Africa. She said that she spends her time traveling around Africa. Kruger National Park is one of her favorite places that she tries to visit every year. She also revealed that this was her family’s third trip that year. They had visited a few months earlier as part of their honeymoon after their marriage.

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