The Most Impressively Beautiful Parrot in the World

The Most Impressively Beautiful Parrot in the World

 Parrots are classified by animal organizations as the most intelligent animals in the world, in addition to their ability to be intelligent and talkative, they also have vibrant shapes and colors, making bird enthusiasts in particular and most pet hobbyists in general and non-aquarists alike must enjoy them. Its needless to point out that they are gorgeous. Just look at them. John Gould, pioneering ornithologist, called the Pink (Major Mitchell) Cockatoo the world’s most beautiful parrot. And he’d seen a lot of birds.

Major Miᴛᴄʜell’s Cockatoo is a beautiful bird among them. The feature that makes it stand out in parrots is the colorful crest, which makes anyone looking at it can’t take their eyes off. Pink Cockatoos are coloured with the most delicate palette of pinks. Their wings and tail are tinged strawberry-icecream pink, their body is pale coral, their underwings are deep salmon, and their crest…well, its out of this world. Two bands of watermelon, separated by a band of sunflower yellow. Cockatoos are big birds by any standards. Pinks measure 35 – 40 cm from beak to tail, which is about the size of a domestic chicken. “Oh, this crest looks like candy corn, doesn’t it?” Mobile feathers on the head that, ​when raised, increase their size by about 10 cm! Major Miᴛᴄʜell’s macaws are native to Australia. They usually live in srᴜʙland, Savana  and wooded grasslands where water sources are nearby. Pink Cockatoos like their Outback far, far from cities. The nearest capital city to a Pink / Major Mitchell Cockatoo hotspot is Adelaide, and its 250km away.

These beautiful birds are very intelligent, but they are not good flyers, they only fly at low altitudes. They usually fly a short distance and rest before continuing the flight. The main food sources of these macaws are seeds from native and  exotic melons, and seeds from some pine species. They also feed on grain waste seeds of some weeds, and insect larvae from tree branches.

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