Seal Is Overjoyed To See His Miniature Self Toy And Hugs It Tightly

If there’s anything cuter than a seal, it’s a seal with a plush version of itself! This adorable animal at Mombetsu Land, an attraction in Japan’s Hokkaido district, got a special present from the zoo staff – a plushie that looks just like the ‘mini me’ version of the seal. Clearly, the seal got smitten with the toy, as he couldn’t stop hugging it, riding it on the back, and squeezing the toy to its heart. We wonder if the seal thinks the toy is its baby. One thing is for sure – this is cuteness overload.

The marine animal,  believed to be called Hiyori, is living at Mombetsu Land, an attraction in Japan’s Hokkaido district. His mini toy version is a special present from the zoo staff for the good boy.

The images that follow will also warm your heart. A seal is overjoyed to be given a toy replica of itself. He can’t stop clutching his toy, demonstrating how much he adores it. This is perhaps the most amazing item he’s gotten thus far.

Gleefully, Hiyori lets the miniature creature ride on its back and even rubs his nose against its plastic one. It appears the besotted seal may see the toy as one of its own pups.

The seal’s lovely look reminds us of how joyful we feel when we get a beloved present. A pleasant surprise that melts even the most hardened corners of our hearts. Sometimes happiness is as easy as that.

A tweet by Mombetsu Land about the seal and his antics has gone on to be shared over 24,000 times

Mombetsu is most famous for the fabled drift ice that bears down on its secluded shores every winter. With its own icebreaker boat tours, it makes a great alternative to the busier areas along the Sea of Okhotsk coast.

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