Monkey At.tacked  A Tourist And The Warning

Monkey At.tacked  A Tourist And The Warning

You can be pickpocketed or at.tacked by animals when traveling in places where many monkeys live with humans like in Thailand. Currently, the situation of tourists being at.tacked by monkeys is increasingly common. Therefore, when going to tourist at.tractions with many monkeys, you should be vigilant at all times. They often at.tack and steal your belongings. When these animals go looking for food, they will chase tourists. At first, they may find this action amusing and cute. But then, they will jump on the guest and snatch bags, wallets, hats, cameras, food or anything else they can get hold of. Like the tourist below.

This cheeky monkey almost exposed a tourist’s boobs after pulling her top down while climbing on top of her. Brittany Bowman was travelling with friends when she visited Chiang Mai, Thailand, to visit the local primates.
Already nervous, the Los Angeles, California, USA, resident let the baby jump up her leg and clamber up her shorts. While attempting to swing up to her shoulders, the monkey grabbed on to her off-the-shoulder black top and almost revealed her breast underneath, just before Brittany could avoid embarrassment.Brittany said: “It left all of us laughing hysterically, almost to the point of tears. I was just so scared that the monkey was jumping on me that I didn’t even consider it would pull down my top. The owners said he must have been looking for breast milk. It was all just so random, I’m just glad we caught it on camera.”

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