Meet The 20lb Pet Rabbit Which Is So Big It Has Its Own Bedroom!

A very charming rabbit has recently taken everyone by surprise, and not just because of how adorable he is, but because of his gigantic size. As big as a toddler, Jester – the giant rabbit – weighs over 20lb, and his lifestyle would make jealous each and everyone of you!

This pampered 20lb bunny loves to join his Mom on the couch to watch BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing on TV. Jester is a Continental Giant, also known as a German Giant, a large breed of rabbit. His family showers him with love, has given him a bedroom of his own, and describes him as “The best pet anyone could wish for.”

His owner, Lyn Hobson, resides in Scunthorpe, North Lincs. As a retired chef, Lyn provides Jester with an endless supply of rabbit treats. Lyn shared, “I love him so much and so spoil him rotten. He’s like a child to me, really. Everything that I do, he follows me along, whether it’s watching television or doing the washing up.  He’s very sociable.”

Lyn and her husband share their home with Jester since he was only one week old, and they say he’s the kind of pet anyone would love to have. She trained him so that he could live in the house as opposed to in a hutch in the garden like most rabbits which are kept as pets.

Jester is so well-behaved that he has free roam of the house and, according to Lyn, before entering the house from the garden he even wipes his paws. He has a litter tray to go to the toilet and Lyn said he is so well trained that he “never makes a mess”. Jester has three beds in the house including one in his very own bedroom, which is upstairs opposite Lyn and her husband room.

She said: “People think having a Continental Giant for a pet is a bit funny because not many people have them I suppose. When people see him they always comment on how big he is. Everyone who meets him falls in love, he’s just one of those pets that people are drawn towards.”

Now, Lyn hopes Jester to make a career in modelling.The retired chef posts pictures of Jester on his own social media pages and has been inundated with messages from new fans, including an author who writes about rabbits. He has modelled for the front cover of an educational title and as the lead character in a children’s book.

Lyn is hoping the appearances will kickstart Jester’s modelling career and she has created a profile for him on a website which he could be selected for further work from.


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