Horse Blows Out His Own Birthday Candles. Gives the Biggest Smile Ever

Horse Blows Out His Own Birthday Candles. Gives the Biggest Smile Ever

One of the best things about  is the fact that somehow whenever anything funny, endearing or remotely interesting happens, it gets recorded. The latest to take the world by sᴛᴏʀᴍ is that of a horse called JD who is seen blowing all the candles on his birthday cake followed by a grin that’d win hearts. We’re all partial to a little cake on our birthdays – and this horse is no exception.

Horses have huge personalities and are full of surprises. If you’ve ever spent time around them then you know how they’re always finding ways to make us laugh and love them even more. Some horses even take on and adopt human-like traits. There are ones who have been caught doing things like talking, singing, and dancing along to music and more than a few have been observed blowing bubbles in the water to pass the time! JD the horse is no exception to the rule, he’s just full of hilarious surprises. He’s always interested in what’s going on around him and sometimes he reacts to things in totally unexpected ways. Being the social and affable horse that he is, he was naturally thrilled when his human companion Sarah ᴛʜʀᴇᴡ him a little birthday bash. JD, from Ithilien Stables near New York, was clearly thrilled at his birthday celebrations and knew exactly what to do when his human friends sang to him. At the end of the song she told JD to blow out the candles and what he did next was hilarious. As the song finishes, the steed perfectly blows out all his candles, before drawing his mouth back in what is unmistakably a big grin. The stable workers around him were clearly thrilled, laughing and cheering as JD enjoyed his special day. JD happens to be the grandson of the legendary America Thoroughbred racehorse Secretariat who was a Triple Crown winner back in 1973. But don’t let that fact fool you because while his grandfather may have been lightning quick fast, JD apparently didn’t inherit his record-breaking speeds. What he lacks in swiftness he more than makes up for in personality and ᴄʜᴀʀᴍ! And that face, it’s too cute, you have to see the expression he pulls for the camera so check it out and smile!

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