Grizzly Bear ‘Super Mom’ Gives Birth To Her 17th Cub Despite Her Old Age

This world is full of super mothers but this amazing bear is truly a remarkable one. Meet Grizzly 399, an outstanding wild grizzly bear who went viral after giving birth to a litter of four cubs successfully despite her old age. This astonishing mama is now one of the most famous bears worldwide, she has her own Facebook, Twitter, Instagram accounts and even makes it to Wikipedia.

In the wild grizzly bear sows don’t live long past 26 years, but 24-year-old Bear 399 who inhabits the Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming has just produced a new litter. Remarkably she has had four cubs, which itself is extremely rare as bears on average only have two or three.

Grizzly 399 is the most famous brown bear mother in the world and even has her own Facebook and Twitter accounts. Thousands of tourists, wildlife watchers, and photographers flock to the park’s Pilgrim Creek area to catch a glimpse of Griz 399 and her cubs feeding on an elk carcass, scrounging for berries, and taking naps in the sun, all before the public’s eye.

It’s thought the successful mother learned to use roads and areas popular with tourists to avoid males who can sometimes ᴋɪʟʟ youngsters. The tactic has paid off for 399 who has become one of the most successful documented grizzly parents in history. And as these adorable photographs show, 399’s latest brood show all the signs of making it to become new additions for the national park.

Kate and Adam Rice took these amazing photographs of the bear mum walking with her new brood. Adam said: “We weren’t sure if she would have cubs again in her advanced age, let alone four, which is extremely rare.”

“We were sʜᴏᴄᴋᴇᴅ when we heard the news that she had four cubs, it seemed like her way of proving us wrong. Kate said she and Adam, who works as a photographer at the park, had fallen in love with bears together. ”

According to Kate, Grizzly 399 was still a wild animal and shouldn’t be approached despite her attempt to be near people to protect her baby. Tourists who wanted to visit this adorable family should watch them from afar instead.

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