Funny Moment Of Baby Elephants Won’t Let Go Of A Tourist

Funny Moment Of Baby Elephants Won’t Let Go Of A Tourist

This was the adorable moment when a baby elephant refused to let go of a tourist after becoming acquainted with him.

The lovely photos was taken in Thailand’s northern jungle and showed American tourist Jane Hight McMurry cuddling a baby elephant as they lie on the ground. A professional speaker and author named James McMurry went to Phetchabun, the northern province, for a daylong adventure and to see elephants. The baby elephant lays his head in McMurry’s lap and receives stroking. She then tries to get up, but the elephant, who appears unwilling to let her go, wraps his trunk around her leg once again.

He then playfully bites her foot and holds it in his mouth as she tumbles backward, trying to get away. The jovial calf next climbs on top of her and wraps his tusk around her neck, asking her group, who are unable to conceal their amusement, “what do I do?”

‘As you can see, we got to know each other.’ For those who want to see wild elephants roaming in their natural habitat, the Thai jungle is one of the most popular tourist attractions.

Like another  adorable moment when a playful baby elephant ripped a model’s skirt by clambering all over her. Megan Milan was visiting Chia Lai Orchid, a sanctuary that rescues elephants in Chiang Mai, Thailand, earlier in June when a three-week-old elephant took a shine to her.

Hilarious footage – which has been viewed more than 12million times on social media – shows the boisterous baby getting close to Megan bumping her to the ground before rolling on top of her. In the footage, Megan, who was not alarmed, can be heard laughing as the baby elephant comes up to her repeatedly and playfully tugs at her skirt.But the youngster was stronger than he seemed and managed to Megan’s skirt off by stepping on the hem.The model then took a tumble, struggling to put up her skirt to cover her modesty as the elephant came back for more playtime.

Eventually, the animal’s older sister came running over to pull the playful nelly away as Megan gathered herself and her ripped skirt.

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