Friendly pup wants to hold hands with anyone passing by his kennel

Friendly pup wants to hold hands with anyone passing by his kennel

Speck, the lovable shelter dog that became an internet sensation for holding hands with everyone who passed by his kennel, has won himself a forever home. It is very difficult to pass by this beautiful little savior, Speck, without stopping for a moment and extending his hand.

The adorable canine, understandably sᴀᴅ sᴛᴜᴄᴋ at the shelter, ensured that no one could go past his kennel without stopping to say hello and holding hands with him in a moment of tender pet love. The then-resident of the Bullock County Humane Society dog shelter was one doggo that truly enjoyed human company; even if this meant reaching out from the mesh of his kennel to attract attention. “All he wants is people love,” Desiray Miracle-Wilder, the shelter’s director, told The Dodo. “He will reach his little hand out, and he just wants you to touch him and hold his hand. And he’s so sᴀᴅ when you walk off to finish cleaning or whatever you have to do.” This dog loves contact with people. He will often lie on a man if he sits next to him, he will always give a paw if someone gives him a hand, in case someone starts scratching his stomach, he turns on his back and enjoys it. Wilder and Speck “shook hands” on one occasion, and Desiray recorded it and posted it on social media, hoping people would notice him more. “You could put anything else around him — another giant dog, a cat, but he is just so fixated on getting love from people that he doesn’t care about anything else,”. “He just wants you to touch him,” she added. “If you sit down, he’s laying on you, if you hold his hand, he’ll hold your hand, if you scratch his belly, he’ll roll over.”

Despite his outward appearance and scarred face, Speck was no tough cookie. Nothing could have been further from the truth; all he wanted was some love. We want as many people as possible to let unfortunate dogs into their homes and thus change their lives. Speck’s is a heartwarming tale that shows the power of love that flows in every living being, human or nonhuman. We hope Speck’s story will inspire more people and make them open their hearts a little more to adopt shelter pets that need help.

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