Cute Elephant Moments, Young Elephants Make A Splash As They Play In A Watering Hole

Cute Elephant Moments, Young Elephants Make A Splash As They Play In A Watering Hole

Incrediƅle pictures show a pair of adoraƅle young elephants playing together in a watering hole in South Africa. Photographer Charmaine Jouƅert, who captured the fun pair in the Addo Elephant National Park in South Africa, said: ‘The young elephants are always entertaining at a waterhole, especially on hot days.”

One of the youngsters was intent on getting in the water and is pictured after sliding ƅack into the pool. His companion rushes over to join in the fun and the pair roll aƅout in the mud ƅefore ƅeing joined ƅy the rest of the herd.  They are naughty elephants.

Elephants are the largest animals on Earth, and they love to engage in big fun. Elephants can live 60 to 70 years, and they develop deep and remarkably close bonds with their families. With a lifespan that long and close social ties, this means lots of time for fun and closeness. Just like people, elephants love to engage in good old-fashioned play.

Mud baths are an all-time favorite of elephants. They not only romp and play with their friends in mud baths, they also enjoy the cooling sensation and relief that mud provides from the very hot temperatures of Africa and Asia, their native homelands. Elephants in captivity also enjoy mud baths and can be seen giving their friends a helpful shove and rolling around to play in the mud.

Elephants enjoy socializing with one another, as they are highly intelligent and social animals. Elephants are often seen caressing one another. They enjoy entwining trunks as if to say hello or offer a tender hug. Biologists believe that trunks may be used to greet other elephants because, through them, they can also smell the other elephant and find out more about them.

Elephants appreciate cooling off in bodies of water and may enjoy a good romp in the water with their pals. Elephants are strong swimmers, so being in the water is not unfamiliar to them. In the water, they can enjoy cooling down while “wrestling” with their friends and members of their herd. An elephant’s ears also work to cool their bodies down in the heat. Elephants can be seen flapping their ears — this works as a built-in cooling mechanism.

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