Curious Baby Koala Climbs Onto Man’s Arm And Doesn’t Want To Leave

The adorable moment a baby koala climbed from its mother’s back to embrace a kind young boy has been caught on camera by the boy’s sʜᴏᴄᴋᴇᴅ mother.

It’s not everyday someone finds a mother Koala and her joey outside their home. But such was the case for Meagan Pfitzner and her son. The young man was out walking in Adelaide, Australia when he spotted the Koala bear on the back of his mom’s back while she drank water from a stream.

He holds out a eucalyptus leaf to the baby to munch on while he’s waiting for his mom to finish her drink, but what the koala does next is completely unexpected.

The mother Koala stares for a while then turns back to the pond and continues to drink but her little one’s interest was piqued. After what seemed like a minute, the little mammal starts sniffing the leaf from the boy’s outstretched arm.

Finally unable to contain himself, the little Koala slowly clambers his way off his mom’s back and approaches the young Pfitzner. The baby koala climbs onto the man’s arm and his expression is priceless.

The boys mum, Meagan Pfitzner, 40, explained the cute exchange between boy and beast occurred outside her home.

“We couldn’t believe it,” Meagan said. “We were just so amazed that the koalas were so trusting and comfortable with us. I’ve never experienced anything like this before.”

The koala was so comfortable with the boy that it continued to climb up his arm, coming to a stop at his shoulder. When the young boy tried to direct the little Australian native back to its mother the joey refused to move.

“Everyone keeps telling me what a unique encounter it is,” Meagan said.

The baby koala eventually returned to its mother on the ground, but not without second thoughts, as it dashed unsuccessfully back to the boy’s arm.

“I don’t think the little thing wanted to leave us,” Meagan said. “I look out the window every day to see if it’s returned. It was such a wonderful experience.”

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