Adorable Baby Elephant Operates A Hand Pump With His Trunk To Quench His Thirst Make You Surprise

Adorable Baby Elephant Operates A Hand Pump With His Trunk To Quench His Thirst Make You Surprise

Another  recently went viral with an adorable baby of the gorgeous animal.

It does a great job of showing how intelligent these creatures are, especially how they interact with humans and the mechanisms created by humans. A baby elephant is working with a hand pump to get drinking water. He uses his trunk to work with the pump to get the water flowing. As soon as the water started flowing, he drank it from the faucet. It is very smart. Every movement is like what humans do to operate machines. The baby elephant is only 9 months. He was born in West Bengal, a state in India.

Needless to say, elephant photos are often popular and easily go viral on social media platforms. Netizens can’t help but marvel at how these giant animals can be so thoughtful and cute, especially if it’s a baby elephant. So if you are one of those who love baby elephant, you will like these photos. We breathed a sigh of relief as the baby elephant tried to operate the hand pump. But our worries seem unnecessary. The beautiful moment capturing the baby elephant has been shared online by people living in the immortal Jaldapara forest.

Locals have told another story about a baby tusker. They reported that the baby elephant had seen some locals drinking water from a hand pump. This probably inspired the curious baby elephant to try the mechanism for himself. Later, those who saw the baby elephant approach showed that he had done it perfectly. A baby elephant’s trunk is as flexible as our hands with opposing thumbs – so proven again!


The operation of the hand pump is not an isolated incident either! An adult elephant named Rupa was caught on camera doing the same thing in the state of Maharashtra. This took place at Elephant Camp in Kamalapur in the Gadchiroli district of the state. Here, there is a separate swimming pool where the elephants can drink water. But surprisingly, Rupa prefers to drink from a hand pump. Officials claim that Rupa even once drank water from a pipe.

The national animal of Thailand is the Thai elephant Elephants and their predecessors are thought to have been in Thailand since approximately 16 million years ago. Elephants have a rich, ingrained place in Thailand’s culture and identity. The first recorded mention of elephants in Thailand was in 1292. In fact, elephants have such a long tradition of being associated with the royal family,   all wild elephants were to be considered the property of the Thai government.


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